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What’s the biggest annoyance you come across in a profile?

I’m not talking one-off things that have irked you, but a pattern you’ve seen.

The profile might have a headshot, a couple Halloween costume shots, and out-on-the-town pics, but few words in the summary.

Throw in an “Ask me” as a placeholder for a subcategory or two and my blood kinda boils.

That’s a profile that bums me out—maybe that’s me since I’m a word nerd, and since I actually do read dating profiles.

And don’t get me wrong: If there’s an “I just started this profile and I’ll be back to add more” caveat, I can dig it.

If there’s an “I don’t like talking about myself,” I empathize. Are you on OKCupid, Match, Plenty of Fish, e Harmony? Does it not matter one lil bit cuz u type like ths?

And then my inner voice says, “When you’re interviewing for a job, do you say the same? Do you scratch your head wondering why Joe Blow Mo123 or Susie QTaco ABC didn’t ask their English-major pals to proof their profiles before pushing the publish button? I want you to fill out whatever you wanna fill out, rant about whatever you wanna rant about.

Could you frankly not give 1.5 damns about grammatical issues, because you’re on Tinder, and swipe-right love is all you need? Oh, and I want you to share this survey like you’ve never shared before.

Once enough people have responded, I’ll report in a follow-up blog post with the stats.

Your input is important to the rest of us in the dating world.

Take the survey: Ladies and gents, some of you in the online dating world enjoy writing about yourself.

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