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Validating large xml files

Altova XMLSpy is the only XML editor with the revolutionary, patented Smart Fix validation functionality.Smart Fix provides options for fixing XML validation errors that you can apply automatically, with a single click.In the margin of Text View as well as in the Smart Fix pane of the XML validator message window, XMLSpy enumerates the possible corrections for fixing each error and will make the required changes automatically based on your selection.

In addition, as you work, intelligent XML editor features such as context-sensitive code completion and entry helper features offer you valid choices based on the content model and your location in a document.

In addition to Smart Fix, the XML validator includes numerous features for helping you create valid XML documents and validate existing XML files quickly and easily.

The multi-tabbed XML validator window offers detailed information about any errors in your document or XML project, and a handy toolbar in the XML validator window lets you easily navigate through, search for, and copy error information as needed.

The XML validator in XMLSpy is powered by the Altova Raptor XML validation engine, which was written from the ground up to provide the closest possible standards conformance coupled with fast validation speeds.

However, the validation rates achieved are still limited to single-core execution on the CPU available in the developer's machine.

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Validating large xml files Amatuer dating sites

Raptor XML Server, on the other hand, benefits from the substantial increase in processing power afforded by multi-CPU, multi-core servers, which allow it to deliver hyper-performance through increased throughput and efficient memory utilization.

Now, XMLSpy users can harness these advantages by utilizing Raptor XML Server(s) installed on the same network for performing validation jobs.

This makes validation of large and complex XML and XBRL documents faster than was ever possible before – directly inside XMLSpy.

This functionality makes Raptor XML Server even more useful for development teams, because they can now take advantage of a single, shared Raptor XML Server to greatly speed up large validation jobs in XMLSpy.

It’s 2017 and you still prefer using XML(Extensible Markup Language) to JSON(Java Script Object Notation) for data-interchange? Everything you want to say about the trade-offs of either of them has been dealt with here.

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