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Is fiona shaw dating saffron burrows

Saffron Burrows is one of Britain's most fascinating young actresses.

Whatever you might think of her, you could never accuse Burrows of being boring.

The current vice-president of the National Civil Rights Movement, she claims to have been a political activist since the age of nine, when she walked up to Tony Benn on the steps of Hackney Town Hall and asked him for his autograph. According to Burrows legend, the following year - when most girls are fretting about boy bands or where their next glitter nail polish is coming from - she bought Benn's book, Arguments For Socialism.

When she attended a film festival in Spain a few years ago, she wore a T-shirt with "HACKNEY" emblazoned across the front. I don't know what this says about Burrows, but it seems to suggest that, for her, growing up in these areas is an achievement rather than a fact of life.

While still a teenager, she became a successful model, although one who would not do "fur, nude or work in South Africa, pre-Mandela".

She found the whole modelling world "ridiculous", although it did fund her luxuriously for the next six years, before she broke into acting. "Sometimes, I think I'll give it all up and become a human rights lawyer," she says.

Yet despite this rumbling conscience, there's no sign of slacking on the film front.

Burrows, 30, has appeared in 20 or so movies, from a tiny role in In the Name of the Father - where she also had a romance with Daniel Day Lewis - to her latest part in Troy, the summer blockbuster starring Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Peter O'Toole.

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