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Life constantly confuses modern society with a variety of problems and obstacles. As a Yemeni woman, I was born into a community where being a female was about being alert at all times.It is true that we do not have any actual rights in Yemen as women because Yemen is a patriarchal society.

As shocking as this maybe, there is more to my story.In 2011, after the Arab Spring began, I became swept up in the spirit of change and the quest for liberty.Although, I received the same response as I had received my whole life about how "our women cannot get involved in such acts," I no longer listened.I was living in Damascus, with no passion or desire to stay; rather, I had to go because it was my family's choice as it was always about their choices.However, I soon fell in love with Damascus and the famous Jasmine scent that permeates the old city, the food, music, and the hospitality of its people.Then I decided to go deeper into the Syrian culture and life, and this choice led me down what the Syrian regime might call a "forbidden" path, and this decision ultimately shaped the person who I am today.Syria is a region that has many problems with ethnic tensions, political instability, economic hardship, and freedom of expression.Whenever you ask someone to explain these problems, everyone always answers differently, and it seems as if no one really understands what is happening or how to fix these problems.While working in Damascus, I witnessed a historical time of change in Syria, and like others, the strong revolutionary movement greatly surprised me as the people began demanding their rights and freedom.Inspired by the revolution, I choose to also join this model of real resistance by standing against injustice, tyranny and those who sold false slogans to the people, until I had to leave Syria to Paris.Almost three years later I am safe outside of Syria and more than five years outside Yemen, but I feel guilty that I am not with them -- not with the people who inspired me in Syria and not with my family and people in Yemen.

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